Green Line Labs uses tissue culture to clone plant cells on specifically formulated nutrient media, yielding new plants from just a few cells.

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Benefits of Working with Green Line Labs

Green Line Labs has multiple advanced tissue culture laboratories lead by Dr. Sariam of Penn State. He has over 35 years of experience in tissue culture propagation. Located in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Oregon, Green Line Labs is able to propagate millions of high-quality tissue culture clones as well as store and protect the best genetics available. Green Line Laboratories can create an unlimited amount of identical female tissue culture clones from a small tissue sample taken from any cultivar. The science of tissue culture provides the ability to rapidly produce genetically uniform, disease-free plants. Each chosen for their superior traits at our R&D facility to maximize your growing capabilities.

Superior Plant Tissue Culture

All of our strains come with COA’s and SOP’s without any DNA
degradation throughout the process.

Guaranteed Genetics

The cultivation experts at Green Line Labs are available for
consulting throughout the process from planting to Harvest. Green
Line can even help with the sale.

Testing Services

Green Line Labs offers testing services included in the price to use
throughout your growing season.

2020 Hemp Catalog

Industrial hemp is a strain of the cannabis plant that is grown specifically for the industrial uses of its derived products. Green Line Labs offers tissue culture clones, as well as organically grown starts and feminized seeds, of both CBD and CBG varieties available for the 2020 season.